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a girl holding an Israeli flag
Shopping with Love ❤️ Campaign for Evacuees

This emergency care fundraising campaign provides swift relief to displaced families, survivors, and evacuees from the Southern region of the State of Israel. Thousands of people are now experiencing the most difficult period of their lives. Families, parents, children- young and old, disabled, and the elderly; people who have lost loved ones and in some cases relatives of hostages. Some have lost their homes, cars, and their entire belongings.

Shanee Benkin is a private citizen from Israel who saw a need and solved it, all in direct coordination with the Home Front Command in Israel.  Many of the surviving families and evacuees are being housed in hotels in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.  Shanee has developed direct lines of communication with the representatives of the families themselves and meets with them regularly. During this difficult time, Shanee has been fundraising from individuals and local organizations, using the money to purchase large quantities of items of clothing, footwear, and personal hygiene products – all based on specific requests from the survivors themselves. Through the generosity of corporate retail executives in Israel, Shanee has received significant discounts for her purchases and has been able to deliver the items to the families directly, without an intermediary organization. Shanee’s direct contact with the families and their representatives allows her to deliver to them newly purchased items that specifically meet their immediate needs. This saves them from sorting through piles of second-hand goods donated by citizens, settling for items not necessarily to their liking, or that do not fit them well. Being able to order and receive new clothing and shoes that they are familiar with alleviates a tiny bit of their stress and restores not only their sense of self-worth but also some sense of normalcy and control over their lives.


With all the hundreds of initiatives that have sprung up all over Israel, this one spoke to the hearts of the Board members of Ma’ayanot, as we tried to imagine ourselves dealing with all the incredible pain of this savage attack, in a strange setting with nothing to call our own.


Shanee’s project is offering a small measure of comfort that could go a long way. We hope you will join our campaign to help Shanee. Your donations, big and small, will enable Shanee to continue her amazing volunteer efforts, providing these innocent victims with basic necessities that they have requested.  

Thank you in advance for opening your hearts and your wallets.

Please note: Shanee’s activities are fully voluntary. 100% of your donations go directly to the surviving families and the funds will be used immediately.

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