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Home Hospitality (Hachnasat Orhim)

As Avraham did when he welcomed the three angels into his tent, Ma'ayanot puts a strong emphasis on hospitality. Members of the kehilah welcome into their homes for Shabbat and holiday meals visitors, new and veteran members, groups and individuals. We would love to get to know you and for you to get to know us over a nice home-cooked meal.

Home hospitality can be set up on the spot after services, or if you would like to arrange it advance, please contact us. Please indicate how many adults, how many children, allergies to animals, and special dietary restrictions (vegetarian, celiac, lactose intolerance, etc.)


As special as the air is in Jerusalem, it is sometimes nice to leave the city and go away for a Shabbat together as a community. These retreats include a tiyul (day trip – hike or visit to a site), tefillot, and discussions relevant to the community, as well as a lot of singing at the Shabbat table.



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