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Our Next Generation


​Ma'ayanot is truly blessed with many children who add to the joyous and lively atmosphere of the kehillah and tefillot. Children are encouraged to sit with the adults during tefillot and to take roles, such as opening and closing the ark and leading Ashrei and Shir HaKavod.

Every week there are Tefillat Yeladim (Children’s Services) for younger children. The children learn some of the prayers and their meanings and are encouraged to discuss them. There are also activities related to the Parshat HaShavua (weekly Torah portion).

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​Shabbat mornings there are also Noam – Noar Masorti (Masorti/Conservative Youth) - activities for the school age children, led by Noam counselors.

We have a children choir activity every two-weeks run by one of our youth leaders.  


​We continue to care for our children when they become young adults and enlist in the Israel Defense Forces. Care packages with goodies are sent to them a few times during the year with a note from the Ma'ayanot Family to let them know we’re thinking about them and are waiting for their safe return home.



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